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Specially formulated to help set your mind at ease, Ultras will leave you relaxed with an overall feeling of calmness and tranquility. In addition to having properties which enhance overall peacefulness and reduce anxiety, the unique herbs found in our Ultra blend have also been known to stimulate and increase libido. These herbal cigarettes are made from 100% all-natural herbs and contain absolutely no tobacco or nicotine of any kind. As well as being non-addictive, our tobacco-free natural herbal smokes are less expensive than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Relux Cigarettes are the #1 rated herbal cigarette on the market, If you’re looking to stop smoking, our Relux Cigarettes are the perfect stepping stone to help you quit that nasty habit.

Relux - organic SMOKE STICKS

  • Tobacco FREE
  • Nicotine FREE
  • Ultra Smooth Smokes!
  • Helps ween you off tobacco and nicotine laced cigarettes
  • Great for Stage, Movie & Show Acting!

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